Radical Hospitality Workshop

The Radical Hospitality workshop was developed by UUPMI to give individuals and congregations some of the tools they need to successfully undertake the work of being a Radically Welcoming Congregation.  It’s a day-long experiential training that incorporates the voices of formerly incarcerated people and gives people a background in why we are called as UUs to do this work, active listening skills, how our identity protects us or makes us a target for the prison industrial system, restorative justice practices, and what makes a congregation welcoming. 

It is also an opportunity to learn more about our Overground Railroad initiative to support formerly incarcerated people.  Everyone interested in doing In-Prison volunteer work or being part of a Radically Welcoming Congregation team will benefit from this training.  To find out when the next Radical Hospitality workshop will be held, please contact us through our registration form.