As you explore becoming a Radically Welcoming Congregation, there are several sermons that can be scheduled for your congregation on a Sunday morning.

Circle ‘Round for Freedom (Megan Selby, Erin Rusmi, Monica Cosby)

Two members of Second Unitarian Universalist, Erin Rusmi, and
Megan Selby, share the experiences of family members and friends
in prison, focusing on the spiritual imperative to end mass
incarceration and how we keep the circle whole.  Monica Cosby
shares her experience of being incarcerated.

Freeing the Cycle of Forgiveness (Rev. Karen Mooney)

As a people of faith we offer hope that all are worthy. As an active
movement we work to change unjust systems so that redemption is
possible. As individuals of integrity we take on cupablity for the
transformative power of a web to take hold. Forgiveness,
redemption, and atonement are concepts from our everyday lives.
Things go wrong and we find ourselves asking for, or giving,
forgiveness; allowing for redemption; and perhaps even welcoming
an act of atonement. When someone is imprisoned this cycle is
truncated into systems built to thwart any real reintegration.
Separated from community there is little opportunity for reparation.
Our ministry in prisons and jails is based on the radical notion that
every person is worthy of respect and has the capability of
completing this cycle for themselves. Come and learn how all of us
are affected and how together we can offer hope and help.
Forgiveness, redemption, and atonement are not muzzled ideas
they live and transform with us.

Radical Hospitality (Rev. Marcia Curtis)

Jesus was a social revolutionary in his practice of radical hospitality.
He ate with and healed the social outcasts of his day — prostitutes,
tax collectors, lepers.  The root word for hospitality means
generous, caring, sustaining.   Our first principle, respect for the
inherent worth and dignity of every individual, calls us to a practice
of radical hospitality today.  We’ll explore how the UU Prison Ministry
of Illinois answers that call.